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ThirtyNorth Investments Celebrates Women Impact Strategy’s One-Year Anniversary

Media Contact: Erica Dilk Communications Strategy Group edilk@wearecsg.com 720.726.5438 ThirtyNorth Investments Celebrates Women Impact Strategy’s One-Year Anniversary Portfolio outperforms, exceeds benchmark by 3.5 percent New Orleans – May 10, 2017 – ThirtyNorth Investments, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm founded in 1997, announced today the one-year anniversary of and performance for its Women Impact Strategy. […]

4th Quarter 2016 Market Commentary

Executive Summary Year in Review – “Worst Start”, Brexit, Trump surprise victory Small cap and Value stocks outperform Interest rates decline mid-year, then rise to finish year higher Will the US pass income tax and corporate tax reform in 2017? Late innings for the current US economic expansion The folly of forecasts  In 2016, the […]


Fritz Gomila in Biz New Orleans

ThirtyNorth’s Fritz Gomila contributed to an article in this month’s edition of Biz New Orleans magazine. In “Resolving to be Financial Sound”, Fritz discusses the challenges retirees face in a low interest rate environment and offers advice for employees saving and investing in their retirement plans. Here is an excerpt from the article: “ThirtyNorth’s Gomila […]


Women Impact Strategy – Year End Performance

The Women Impact Strategy finished 2016 strong, outperforming the Russell 3000 Index by 1.88% net of fees since the strategy’s inception on April 7, 2016. As we look forward to our 1-year anniversary in the strategy, we are quite excited by this early performance. The portfolio is comprised of fifty stocks, purchased at equal weight, and mirrors the sector weighting […]


Impact of Women in Corporate Leadership

Despite a plethora of academic research on the benefits of gender diversity in groups, corporations are painfully slow in adding women to their boards. The main question for investors, however, is whether the presence of women on boards improves stock performance. In order to answer this question, we evaluated the companies in the S&P500 Index […]

3rd Quarter 2016 Market Commentary

The third quarter finished strong for most global stock and bond markets. U.S. stocks, measured by the S&P500 Index, were up 7.84% for the year. Markets have pulled back a bit since the end of the quarter, however. Most of the economic news in the U.S. was positive over the summer, and corporate earnings recovered […]

2nd Quarter 2016 Market Commentary

Despite tumultuous headlines, global markets finished the second quarter of 2016 on a high note. In the weeks since quarter end, major US stock market indices have reached new all time highs. US stocks were up 3.84% through the first half of the year, measured by the S&P 500 Index. Emerging market stocks snapped a […]


DOL Fiduciary Rule

On April 6th, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued its final rule on the fiduciary standard for retirement accounts. The rule stipulates that brokers cannot give conflicted investment advice to consumers in 401k, IRA, or other qualified retirement plans. There is an exception that allows brokers to enter a Best Interests Contract agreement with […]